Friday 9 December 2022

Annuar Musa, Khairy Jamaluddin @ MCMC, the story of : SAKAU!!!!

is a Malay indie pop song that is about half a decade old, brought to you by the Indonesian indie rockers who call themselves NETRAL.

THE politician I pity the most in Malaysia is the PAS deputy president Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man, who merely signed a letter of intent for a RM7 billion contract and got slammed left, right and centre by PKR's genius boy Rafizi Ramli.

Kau bilang kau adalah surgaBohong, kau adalah si nerakaJangan cumbu dirinyaMenjauhlah kau dari dirinya
SakauPutauSakau karena putau (Sakau)Putau benda durjana

KHAIRY Jamaluddin and Annuar Musa, should thank their lucky stars that they have a friend in Rafizi Ramli, the minister of economics.

HOW is it possible that Rafizi Ramli has given a free pass on the RM1.2 billion contract announced to the stock exchange on the day Parliment was dissolved.???

NST has the story and plenty of questions which the current minister of information must either anwser or kill the contract. READ : How did Privasia bag the RM1.2 billion fibre optic job given its poor financials?

IF, you are wondering why does the name Privasia sounds so familiar. Is it because it has indirect linkes to Ruben Gnalingam, and Sapura's Sharil Shamsuddin or is it because the Star had previously reported READ : Privasia and the health ministry's digital tracking system.