Wednesday 21 December 2022

Digital Nasional Bhd & Emir Research On 5G : It's all about the money

is the top 30 single of 1998 on both sides of the Atlantic for Swedish singer Meja, taken from her second studio album Seven Sisters.

I find it humourous that Digital Nasional Bhd had actually contracted a British outfit to take on Emir Research on 5G in Malaysia. READ :  Emir Research’s 5G proposal will cost up to five times more: UK firm

It's all 'bout the moneyIt's all 'bout the dum dum da da dum dumI don't think It's funnyTo see us fade awayIt's all 'bout the moneyIt's all 'bout the dum dum da da dum dumAnd I think we got it all wrong anyway

I have a question for Plum Consulting LLP. HOW much will it cost tax payers if Maxis Communications Bhd is allowed to build its own 5G infrastructure? 

 THE anwser is ZERO because MAXIS will have to source for the money on its own and pay interest on the money it borrows to fund the expenditure to build the network on its own.

THEREFORE the whole Plum Consulting LLP analysis is worth cow dung.  

MY second question is , how much will it cost the Government of Malaysia if Maxis is allowed to build , operate and manage its own 5G infrastructure?  The answer to that is anywhere between RM10 billion and RM20 billion on the hypothesis, that the Maxis 5G network will be better, faster and more efficient than the one being built by Digital Nasional Bhd .