Saturday 17 December 2022

WHY Pakatan Harapan Will Continue To Lose Malay Support : Yang remeh dan yang temeh berlegar sekelilingmu

is the the re work from Pak Pandir's massive hit by the heavy metal band Amuk, which is led by the former lead vocalist of the rock group Febians.

AS long as the Muslim community feel that they are being singled out, as the bad apple that has caused Malaysia to rot, as long as that the Malay Community will not fully back Anwar Ibrahim's Pakatan Harapan.

Rela jadi tunggul (tunggul)Rela jadi patung (patung)Tunggu dilelongSuruh angguk-angguk (angguk)Suruh geleng-geleng (geleng)
Oh puji lah aku (aku)Ampu lah aku (aku)Senang hidupmuAda tangan tadah (tadah)Ada maruah campak (campak)

AND i don't blame them one bit because looking at the newly minted communication minister's statement on the RM1.2  billion contract given to Privasia Bhd on the day Parliment was dissolved, Fahmi Fadzil is hell bent on capping Malay support for Pakatan Harapan at the pathetic 11 per cent. READ : Pakatan Harapan (PH) coalition only received 11 percent of the Malay popular vote

THIS is what FAHMI FADZIL had to say about the RM1.2 billion letter of award given to Privasia on the day Parliment was dissolved in what looks like a direct negotiated contract to award the loss making company which had never undertaken such a major contract before.

"I have yet to be briefed on this matter (Privasia) in detail but it is something which perhaps we will look into, but at the same time as a government, we respect contractual obligations," Communications and Digital Minister Fahmi Fadzil said at a press conference after a visit to Media Prima Bhd. READ : We respect contractual obligations says minister, despite growing calls on why a loss making company was given a RM1.2 billion project on the day Parliment was dissolved.

FAHMI Fadzil is talking bull shit, and this works right into the Perikatan Nasional narrative that only predominantly Muslim owned businesses  that practise the faith are being subject to review, and with that Muslim leaders who practise the faith such as Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man are being harresed by this new Government. WATCH : Tuan Ibrahim : Tanya Anwar Nak Batal Apa Projek Tak Lulus Pun Lagi Lah.

SO here we have Tuan Ibrahim being hounded like a common criminal for a mere letter of intent while the Government has no issues to honour the letter of award given to Privasia for the amount of RM1.2 billion on the day Parliment was dissolved.