Monday 5 December 2022

Muhyiddin Yassin's Strategic Communication Team, Gets set to : Drown!!!

is a song from the British grunge outlet called Bring Me On The Horizon, which found commercial success with their 2005 album That's the Spirit.

THE spirit it seems have gone from the Muhyiddin Yassin's strategic communications team, as they no longer are able to control the narratives in the mainstream press and online portals such as Free Malaysia Today and The Vibes.

Got a hole in my soul growing deeper and deeperAnd I can't takeOne more moment of this silenceThe loneliness is haunting meAnd the weight of the world's getting harder to hold up
It comes in waves, I close my eyesHold my breath and let it bury meI'm not OK

BASICALLY, the former Primier's strategic communications team have forgotten the art of engaging the press, instead of merely ordering them to get things done their way via PDF files

NEWS outlets and editors are being called JAMBAN on private chat lines by the failing ang falling strategic communications team, who now can only count on Azmin Ali's Malaysia Now  and to a lesser extent Malaysia Kini for boot licking and pleasing news for Team Muhyiddin.

CASE in point is that many of the news outlets who are independently run were not buying into the latest racially and ethnically charged vibes being put out by team Muhyiddin's Perikatan Nasional via Malaysia Now . READ :  Anwar took aim at Syed Mokhtar because he's Malay.

THE PN  narrative on this is false as Anwar Ibrahim has basically been colour blind in rejigging the system. READ : Only 8 4D special draws a year from 2023, says PM

BASICALLY, tycoons from all the major ethnicity specifically Chinese, Indian and Malay billionaires have received a dose of Anwar Ibrahim's venom to play the equaliser for the Rakyat's benefit.