Thursday 15 December 2022

Anthony Loke & Salahuddin Ayub : Sandiwara Mu Luar Biasa

is  yet another hit single from the songstress Siti Badariah, who only seem to be growing from strength to strength.

I remember when Anwar Ibrahim became Prime Minister READ : he gave two-weeks to govt agencies to sort out subsidy issues

MORE than two weeks have lapsed, are we any better than we were from two weeks ago? WE ARE NOT.

ANWAR'S minister's especially the likes of Anthony Loke and Salahuddin Ayub have taken to this melodrama, with both failing to solve the problems at hand.

Gayamu aktingmu sungguh manis sekaliMendingan kau pergi ikut casting FTVSandiwara drama kamu luar biasaSayang jika bakatmu terbuang sia sia

DID Anthony Loke masquerading himself solve any of our rail problems? Or did Salahuddin making surprise checks on the egg situation in the country, solve any of our egg problems?

IF they havent, then stop irritating middle Malaysia  by your showboating.