Sunday 25 December 2022

Big Bawse Mahiaddin : Let The Show Begin

is a track recorded by Bonnie Tyler for her 1977 debut album, the World Starts Tonight, which produced at least two hit singles along the way.

HE also has a FACEBOOK page VIEW : Big Bawse Mahiaddin and apparently he is Muhyiddin' Yassin's youngest son.

Let the show begin
Let the orchestra play
Let the dancers in
And we'll dance the night away
Let the show begin.

WOKE UP, this morning and apparently it's all over Tik Tok. You can view the Tik Tok clip by clicking on this link.

My thoughts are people should let the young men be what he wants to be. Secondly , my personal conviction is this is not the work of the PKR cyber team, rather it could be from certain parties within Bersatu, who wants to oust Muhyiddin Yassin.