Thursday 22 December 2022

Hishamuddin Hussein Onn : Jika Aku Tawan Dunia

is a single from one of the nation's most creative hip hop outfit Ritma Atas Puisi, which has been in the music scene for a decade now .

HAS Hishamuddin Hussein Onn just "announced" his intentions to take out Deputy Prime Minister Zahid Hamidi as President of UMNO  via Tik Tok? WATCH : Hishamuddin Hussein Onn on Tik Tok

ONCE seen as Prime Minister material, Hishamuddin has been identified as the agent provocateur in attempting to convince Barisan Nasional member of Parliament to READ : support Perikatan Nasional instead of Pakatan Harapan

I was told Hishamuddin if he does not chicken out, will have Khairy Jamaluddin as his running mate. This is one challenge, Zahid Hamidi will surely welcome.

Gelap dunia tiada suluh
Buta di dunia dengan hati lusuh
Hendak cipta kawan tapi bermusuh
Pijak kepala dan tikam belakang
Tunjuklah kepala dan mari bertandang
Open arena dan bukalah gelangang.

THE stakes though are very high, because the coming UMNO elections is Bersatu president Muhyiddin Yassin's best bet to regain the Prime Ministership. 

IF Hishamuddin cannot finish off Zahid Hamidi,  then the casualties of this war will be Muhyiddin Yassin, Azmin Ali and Khairy Jamaluddin.