Sunday 18 December 2022

Nga Kor Ming : Jangan Cakap Saja

is by the Malay indie rock group Iqbal M , which  signed with M Nasir's Luncai Emas and subsequently released their debut album in 2019 called Perassan Sedih Jangan Kau Bimbang.

IS the minister of local Government development Nga Kor Ming  playing to the gallery and in the process, have fed shocked Malaysians  with untruthful information regarding the license reguirements at Father's Organic Farm? READ : Batang Kali landslide: Operator only had licence for organic farm, not to host camping activities, says Nga

Jangan cakap saja
Kaji isi kandungan
Perisik punya banyak helah
Belum tentu semua mengena
Baca buku tebal
Belum tentu handal

NGA Kor Ming's assertion that a specific license is required to operate a campsite has been challenged by   Twitter users as well as the Selangor EXCO in charge,  but thus far Nga Kor Ming hasn't proven that his statement is not hogwash