Saturday 17 December 2022

Serba Dinamik : In the Year Of Living Dangerously

is a track taken  from Scissor Sisters, fourth and final album, Magic Hour which was released in 2012, topping the US Dance Charts, while in the UK the album peaked at number four.

THE last time I wrote about Serba Dinamik.  READ : Google Up the Wallet Investor Report. You really should Google up the Wallet Investor Report.

WITH just 96 hours or less left,. 2022 and it's spill over is indeed the year of the living dangerously for SERBA DINAMIK. READ : Serba Dinamik has four days up to the 22nd of December to deliver

This is my year of living dangerously
Now I can’t turn around
What’s done is done
There are words that you can’t take back
When you say them to someone
(What’s done is done, what’s done is done)

IS it GAME OVER for SERBA DINAMIK then? Well it all depends on Saint PETROS, who holds the keys for the mystical Santubong.