Tuesday 6 December 2022

Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man to Anwar Ibrahim : Papa Don't Preach

was the massive hit for arqubaly the most influential pop songstress of the previous century, the one and only Madonna.

TUAN Ibrahim Tuan Man, the deputy president of PAS as well as the opposition leader in Pahang is obviously a very confused politician.

FOR one, he wants the Prime Minister to stop preaching on why he has placed the RM7 billion projects, the incoming Tok Guru of PAS had signed off in his dying days of power at the Federal level. 

TUAN  Ibrahim, attempts to justify his direct negotiated contract as a clean one which was needed under the circumstances.

But I know what I'm saying
The one you warned me all aboutThe one you said I could do withoutWe're in an awful messAnd I don't mean maybe, please
Papa don't preach I'm in trouble deepPapa don't preach, I've been losing sleep

AND at the same time, the deputy PAS head wants all other projects which were approved by the previous government to be scrutinised as well . READ : Tuan Ibrahim : All projects should be strictly scrutinised in line with guidelines set by the Finance Ministry.