Monday 26 December 2022

Anthony Loke : WHY ?

is from one of my all time favourite synth-pop British band Bronski Beat, taken from their debut album The Age of Consent.

Never give inTell me why?
Tell me why?
Tell me why?

TELL MALAYSIA W.H.Y ? ,  Anthony Loke from having no changes to the ECRL project on December 6th 2022, the cost of the project increased by a massive RM24 billion within a 15 day period ?  READ : The Edge Dec 21 2022 : ECRL project will now cost RM74 billionl, says PM. Do note the cost of the ECRL project when Anthony Loke said there were no changes was at RM50 billion.

AS you can see Anthony Loke, every major publication had quoted what you said accurately on Dec 6 2022, that there will be no changes in ECRL project.

DID Anwar Ibrahim surprise you with the sudden increase of cost in the ECRL project? Your loyalty to Anwar Ibrahim is beyond question READ :Loke: DAP support for Anwar as PM unconditional.

AT stake though, ANTHONY LOKE is your DIGNITY in the eyes of the average Malaysian, and hours of humiliation in the honourable house of the people, the Dewan RAKYAT.