Saturday 17 December 2022

MCMC @ Privasia : Munafik!!!

is a song from the 22 year old Ziva Maqnolya,  the third place finalist on the tenth season of Indonesian Idol, broadcast by the national television channel RCTI in 2019–2020.

MCMC, i have it on good account at least two major publications have sent you question regarding the RM1.2 billion contract given to Privasia Bhd, a loss making entity on the day Parliment was dissolved.  READ : Privasia JV bags RM1.2 bil fibre optics installation, maintenance contracts from ministry

Tapi munafik kumenunggu tak tentuBila tak kunjung datang kepastian tentang waktuKumenunggu harimu tak ragu
Yakinkan diriku, kita tak sekedar buang wzaktu

WHY haven't you responded to the questions from the press?  I hearby dare the MCMC chairman and the newly  minted communication minister to jointly hold a press conference regarding the RM1.2 billion project, and explain what was the hurry to award this project in such a hurriedly manner?