Wednesday 28 December 2022

Singapore takes John Soh down, while in Malaysia, Securities Commission masih tak ada: SENGAT!

is a rock song from the group Kamikaze, taken from the Malay rock group's 2010 album called approximately Kontreversi.

JOHN Soh READ : jailed 36 years for market manipulation in Singapore won't create shock waves among market makers in Malaysia.

THE Securities Commission has a lot of bite but it never uses it. Instead of putting crooked market players in jail, the Securities Commission is famous for setting on fines which mean nothing to this rich market makers.

Sememangnya hidung belang
Dalam terang kau temberang
Buat kerje kau tak tahu
Duit saje yg kau tunggu
Tak kisah walau mengampu
Bising saje yang kau tahu.

LAST I checked the Securities Commission is sitting on the files regarding Kenneth Vun Yun Lun . EITHER, declare Kenneth Vun innocent or take him to court with the sole view of putting the man behind bars.