Tuesday 20 December 2022

Serba Dinamik : You Will Never Know

is taken from the debut album of Comorian born French singer Imany titiled The Shape of a Broken Heart which was released in 2011.

YOU will never know , what exactly took place in Serba Dinamik, as long as we are merely contended to meet out punishment and insults on Serba Dinamik officials, who must be might glad that over the next few days they maybe suspended from the stock exchange and in six months time be delisted all together.

Don't you feel sad 
There never was a story,
Obviously to never be
And you will never knowI will never show

THE real story of Serba Dinamik is actually how rotten the system is that nobody ever questioned how a company that twice failed in the listing process, miricalously managed to get the stock exchange's listing committee's approval after KPMG' came on board? 

YOU will also never know, how and why Serba Dinamik became a favourite among the analyst and rating agency community when even with just a glance at Serba Dinamik's books I could tell you that READ : SOMEONE should ASK the people at the Securities Commision and Bursa Malaysia, how did Serba Dinamik get listed despite having negative owners earnings since 2013 ?

THE whole concept of owner earnings designed and perfected by Warren Buffet gets straight to the point,  that actually matters,  namely how much cash falls into the business owner’s pockets.

Net income and EPS is all very nice under accounting principles, but the actual Riinggit value that the business owner receives at the end of the day/month/year is much different.

This is why Buffett calls it owner earning.  So basically if the owner earning is negative every year,  one can safely  say,  either company not making profits at all or very very thin profits.

AND i strongly suggest each and every one who has a share in Serba Dinamik read Aaron Pek's red flag analysis and then ask yourself this simple question...do you really believe, the auditor's, the bond rating agency people, the market requlators, those sitting on the listing committee are all IDIOTS? 

READ: Serba Dinamik: Red Flag Analysis (5279.KL)