Friday 9 December 2022

Azam Baki : Mau Cari Apa?

is a song from the Dangdut duo, called Duo Biduan, which comprises Kiki Syarah dan Elsatya Marcelin. The duo has been together for half a decade now.

NEARLY sixteen months have passed since Muhyiddin Yassin was Prime Minister of Malaysia. What was the MACC doing for the past 16 months? READ : SPRM siasat dana RM90 bilion, RM430 bilion bukan dari kerajaan

Selalu saja alasannya
Ada orang ketiga atau cemburu buta
Semuanya bagai drama
Mungkin kau juga salah
Antara ada dan tiada

ONE may dislike or one may love Muhyiddin Yassin's politics but that is besides the point. The MACC boss  Azam Baki needs to provide us a credible explaination or please make way for someone like Ayob Khan Mydin Pitchay to take over IMMEDIATELY.

FOR all we know, retired politician Lim Kit Siang has a better understanding what MACC and Azam Baki has been up to.  I suggest you read slowly and carefully what Lim Kit Siang has had to say. READ : Malaysia will continue in corruption slide unless MACC sets example with Azam Baki, says Kit Siang