Friday 30 December 2022

Annuar Musa :Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others (UPDATED)

Is a single from my favourite band, the Smiths, taken from the 1986 Queen is Dead album, mesmerised by Johnny Marr, regarded as the last of the great British guitarist.

WHAT is it with Annuar Musa and the comunication ministry under him?  Why was there a need to give billion ringgit contracts to companies without a track record, or to even rejig contracts, so that companies without a track record can milk millions out of nothing?

From the ice-age to the dole-ageThere is but one concernI have just discovered
Some girls are bigger than othersSome girls are bigger than othersSome girls mothers are bigger than other girls' mothers.

SHOCKINGLY, these contracts are being allowed to stand,  despite the government having the option to charge the recipient's of these for conspiring to defraud the stage.

 CURRENT Communication minister Fahmi Fadzil, is either acting as a lap dog for Annuar Musa or he could be the man behind the leak about these contracts, having realised that it is indeed true that Some Girls Mother's are bigger than Others Girls Mother's.

HOW big they are, Malaysia will know by TOMORROW as the KL Tower consession ends at MIDNIGHT today. Will the Government extend the contract,decide not to extend the contract will be off interest to many curious Malaysians.

WHAT interest me more is will the government of the day go after the people who benefitted financially by ripping off Telekom Malaysia