Monday 19 December 2022

Vote by Voice : Free Your Mind

is one of the most influential disco themed work of music of the last century.  The chart topper from the early 1980's is from Sister Sledge 

THERE are times we do not have to think outside of the box to come to a simplified and logical conclusion. As the headline above indicates, the Singapore Straits Times, states Anwar Ibrahim had received a two thirds endorsement from member of Parliaments to remain as Prime Minister.

THERE are some Malaysians though, who deliberately have painted a misleading narrative that the amount of support for Anwar Ibrahim in Parliament might be less than 148 votes.

WHY is this a blatant lie?  Well again common sense will tell you, the voice vote has two elements to it.  FIRST the MPs  will be asked say for example who supports the motion of confidence,.once that voice vote is done with, the MPs will then be asked who is against the motion of confidence.

Free your mindAnd the rest will followBe colour-blindDon't be so shallow

THOSE who think too much to the extent they start thinking out side of the box, should ask themselves why not even a single Perikatan Nasional's member of Parliament and their so called allies within UMNO did not use their voice to say NO. 

WE do not need to like Anwar Ibrahim, Zahid Hamidi or even this government but what we do need to have from the MPs and spin doctors are the decency to fight fair, to fight with facts and , to fight with gamesmanship so that the winner will always be Malaysia and not China or any other country for that matter.