Saturday 24 December 2022

Anwar Ibrahim : Kenapa Mesti Janji Kalau Tak Ditepati

is a song from Sangsi, which started to gain prominence some time in late 2020.  The song itself, lyric wise pinches a verse or two from the late Puan Sri Saloma's classic 

ANWAR Ibrahim,  whatever happened to the plan of action the civil service was supposed to come out with to bring the cost of living back to planet earth. READ : Govt agencies given two weeks to come up with ways to address rising cost of living, says Anwar.

You said that you care
Now you see me
And act like I'm not there

Hati rasa resah
Rasa takde arah tuju
Rasa macam aku cakap
dengan  BATU.
Deep in my heart
There is no Light
I'm giving to you

OBVIOUSLY, by tomorrow, it would have been exactly 30 days since the Prime Minister made those statement. Since then, we have been humoured by the idiocy of Rafizi Ramli who have blamed the consumer for inflation.  READ : Rafizi: Prices remain high because consumers are willing to pay

POPULAR blogger Outsyedthebox is absolutely correct that there are too many committees set up to fight this issue, yet we don't see any concrete end results.

I suggest Anwar Ibrahim and his PKR genius boy Rafizi Ramli watch this Tik Tok video below, to have an understanding of what real Malaysians have to go through daily. WATCH : Tahu Tak Saya Bayar Berapa Untuk Satu Coco Cola.

I also suggest that the Prime Minister have a quick read on the four strategies, the Australian Reserve Bank suggests to fight inflation. READ : Strategies For Controlling Inflation.

STRANGELY none of the strategies, recommended by the Australian Reserve Bank involves blaming the  citizens of the country as being the cause or solution provider to kill inflation.

I also suggest that the people of Malaysia as well as Anwar Ibrahim and his entire cabinet READ : London School of Economics: It’s the government, stupid: how governments blame citizens for their own policies.