Friday 23 December 2022

Menteri tersohor Rafizi Ramli udah jadi macam dalam lagu : Ikan kekek

is the ever green classic by the diva of all divas Puan Sri Saloma. The song was recorded by the late songstress in the 1960's.

PKR's genius boy has finally shown Malaysia, that he is no Albert Einstein, but perhaps the least sharpest knive in Anwar Ibrahim's cabinet.

IF ,Marie Antoinette Jos├Ęphe Jeanne , the last queen of France before the French Revolution was INFAMOUS for the "Let them eat cake" statement when the French people were starving,  in Rafizi Ramli we have someone as dumb and insensitive as her about our hardship to work and put food on the table.

Janganlah ikut orang yang gilaKelak kita, ah, jadi merana
Ikan kekek mak ilui-ilui (ilui-ilui)Ikan gelama, ah, mak ilai-ilai (ilai-ilai)

RAFIZI Ramli is advising Malaysians to READ :Buy cheap to force prices down. HELLO,  menteri tersohor lagi bijaksana, do you think we Malaysians have a death wish in wanting  to buy expensive? 

IF you are going to give such an idiotic solution to bring prices down, here is an idotic suggestion. Why don't your ministry come up with an mobile application, so that we Malaysians can scroll on that mobile application to find out where the cheapest goods are in our neighbourhood.