Tuesday 13 December 2022

PART 2 : Pakatan Harapan & Perikatan Nasional : I'm with stupid

is a song by English synth-pop duo Pet Shop Boys from their ninth studio album, Fundamental (2006).  It became the duo's 21st top-10 single in the United Kingdom, peaking at number 8.

LIES, no matter, how nicely told, in the end always exposes itself for what it is. When that happens, you tend to lose credibility.

I'm with Stupid
Is stupid really stupid
Or a different kind of smart?
That's how you.....

SINCE being doomed to the opposition bench, Perikatan Nasional, which could have played to its strength to convince a wider range of Malaysians on its ability to govern, has done the opposite, opting instead to spread false narratives.

FALSEHOOD number one.  Because , Anwar Ibrahim is doing such as bad job as Finance Minister READ : foreign investors sold some RM700 million worth of stocks up till December 2

WHAT Perikatan Nasional, doesn't tell you is  that in the same period a year ago. READ : Foreign funds sold RM1.1 billion up to Dec 13 2021

FALSEHOOD number two. Hadi Awang is still the special Ambassador to West Asia. The truth is, Hadi Awang lost that job, the moment Anwar Ibrahim formed his cabinet.