Friday 9 December 2022

The Securities Commission's : Wild Boys

is the smash hit from the Beatles of the 1980's the pop group called Duran Duran led by its charismatic lead singer Simon Le Bon 

IN 2023, there is going to be a massive shakedown and take down on the Wild Boys currently roaming free at the Securities Commission.

On their way back from the fireIn August moon's surrender toA dust cloud on the rise
Wild boys fallen far from gloryReckless and so hungeredOn the razors edge you trailBecause there's murder by the roadsideIn a sore afraid new world

THERE are no two ways about this, as innocent journalist, and might I add reputable journalist has been dragged to court by the current Attorney General only to be conditionally set free by the courts. READ : The Edge’s editor emeritus Ahmad Azam discharged from criminal defamation charges.

THE irony to all these are that one of the culprits identified in the Edge's Hidden Hands report, the individual known as Kenneth Vun Yun Lun is also Perikatan Nasional's financial contributor who has been spotted at functions endorsed by Muhyiddin Yassin.

HOW much of Perikatan Nasional's war chest has been raised from market manipulation is largely unknown as the current SC team have done very little to clamp  down on Kenneth Vun's activities 

FROM the  Zuttelo scandal to the sudden appearance of Gold Vending Machines, the Securities Commission has been strangely very silent. 

TWO years ago, the Securities Commission issued a red flag to investors READ : The Securities Commission Malaysia (SC) has cautioned the public against the usage of Crypto Automatic Teller Machines

WITH the sudden emergence of Gold vending machines in Malaysia operated by the likes of Public Gold and Quantum Metal, the SC and Bank Negara Malaysia need to clarify are they sanctioned by the regulator ?