Wednesday 7 December 2022

RM30 Ribu Satu Kepala, Razifi Ramli : Are You Man Enough

peaked at number two on the R&B Billboard Charts way back in 1973 for the soulful, soul group called the Four Tops .

THE SUN newspaper says that the Government will have to spend RM30,000 per head on some 10 million Malaysians, if we are to overcome the middle income trap. READ : Govt needs to spend RM300 billion to upskill Malaysians.

RM300 billion is a lot of money. It is 260 per cent more than the puny RM78 billion in cash, Muhyiddin Yassin actually spent on us when he headed the Government. READ : Muhyiddin Yassin only spent RM78 billion in cash during the Covid crisis

It's a matter of what they do
Are you man enough?Big and bad enough?Are you gonna let 'em shoot your down?When the evil flies and your brother cries

BUT RM300 billion is actually a walk in the park for Malaysia, if indeed the economic minister Rafizi Ramli is the genius boy, which PKR claims he is.  However if he is just a guy with bad teeth, as PAS claims he is, then we are in big trouble.

 SO how do we raise RM300 billion or more without bleeding out backsides, and once we have done that, what should we do?

WE actually can raise close to RM1 trillion ringgit if we PLACE all the Government buildings in Putrajaya into one giant real estate investment trust and float it on the stock exchange. Therefore no need to burden the working populace on more taxes.

BUT, before we do that we need to ask ourselves who do we consider to be the son of this soil without linking it to the social contract , signed without force by our forefathers.

I believe that every Malay, and patriotic Indian and Chinese born in Malaysia, will consider themselves the son of this soil.

IF that is the case, then we need to ask ourselves which idiot came up with the minimum wage criteria which have trapped the sons and daughters of this soil in the middle income trap.

IS it logical for a son or daughter of this soil, who have completed 12 years of education to be paid a minimum wage of RM1500, while our foreign brothers from Myanmar, Vietnam, Pakistan and Bangladesh,  who may have zero school going experience to  be offered the same salary of RM1500?

IF this is logical then indeed, the foreign workers are "kings and queens" of this land. Rafizi Ramli, if you are man enough : ABOLISH the Minimum Wage for the Foreign Worker, and make them contribute to EPF too.