Thursday 8 December 2022

Asri Hamidin : How to be a millionaire?

is the hit song from the early 1980's, by the British band ABC, who are often associated with the second British Invasion of American Pop.

IT is said that Asri Hamidin, the outgoing MOF secretary general lives in a palace, but does that warrant his removal from the ministry of Finance?  

IN my opinion, certainly not because Asri Hamidin cannot be guilty of any major wrong doing if his bosses are innocent.

Tell me, tell meHow to be (how to be) a millionaireMillionaire, billionaire, trillionaire
Hardly surprising if you might considerLoyalties go to the highest of biddersWant my opinion? I'd give you ten to one

AND his immediate boss has spoken.  Tengku Zafrul says there is nothing to hide in the RM600 billion Covid expenditure and if there is anything that needs clarifying the Ministry of Finance can do so. READ : Dana RM600b: Tak ada apa nak disorokkan, kata Tengku Zafrul

ANWAR Ibrahim has now been basically openly challenged by his MITI minister to come up with the proof, and with that the reasons why this Asri Hamidin is being dragged into a swamp of filthy, slimy waste .