Friday 2 December 2022

Tengku Zafrul : Muka Tebal

was a hit for the grunge rock outlet that goes by the name of Superman is Dead, taken from the album the Hangover Decade, which was released in 2004.

TENGKU Zafrul should do Malaysia a big favour and decline the cabinet position offered to him as he can bring nothing to the table to justify his appointment.  READ : Why Zahid, why Zafrul, asks Rafidah

TO anwser Rafidah on why we must have Zahid Hamidi in the cabinet,  one merely have to READ : Zahid's appointment will bring stability and more jobs into Malaysia

Dasar kau muka tebal, kau muka tebalMemang tak punya maluKau hanya bisa menipu, dasar kau penipuMemang tak tahu malu

THERE is no justification to appoint Tengku Zafrul, as the guy has no power base in UMNO, is not well liked by the grassroot, and despite all the financial might at his disposal lost to an ailing Dr Dzulkefly of Amanah in Kuala Selangor in GE15.