Saturday 10 December 2022

Privasia : Ada Setan

is the Dangdut remix by Rita Melia which was released 2020, and to-date has 3.3 million views on YouTube alone.

AS we all know that Privasia is the lucky winner of the RM1 2 billion installation of fibre optics and maintenance of fibre optic infrastructure in surrounding schools, residential, business, commercial and industrial premises under Phase 2 of the expansion of broadband infrastructure using the point of presence (PoP) method.

Banyak banyak janjinya
Tetapi banyak banyak banyak bohongnya
Memang dasar setan
Suka bikin heran

WHAT Malaysia must know is PRIVA has less than a year of cash runway based on its current free cash flow, according to Simply Wallstreet. 

THE company  has a negative Return on Equity (-6.2%), as it is currently unprofitable having consistently bleeding red ink.

YOU can read the story state Privasia is HERE