Wednesday 7 December 2022

Asri Hamidin of Ministry of Finance : Caught Up In The Rapture of Love

is the title track from Anita Baker's second album Rapture, which won her the Grammy in 1988 for best R&B vocal and best R&B album of the year.

MALAYSIA needs an explanation, and a very clear one on why the chief secretary to the Finance Ministry, Asri Hamidin has been put on cold storage. READ : Asri Hamidin @ Hamidon is expected to be redesignated or transferred.

The feeling's always new
Caught up in the rapture of you
Caught up in the rapture of love
Caught up in the rapture of love

IS Asri Hamidin being replaced because he is incompetent? If that is the case,. then wouldn't it be stupid to transfer an incompetent person to head a different ministry? 

OR perhaps Asri Hamidin is being replaced because during his time in the Finance Ministry, there was some hanky panky going on ? READ : MoF officials confirm serious procedure breach by Muhyiddin’s govt on RM600 bil fund

 BUT if that is the case, then how come, the former finance minister Tengku Zafrul was rewarded with a plump job as the MITI minister?.

CIVIL servants,  corrupt or otherwise do not come up with schemes that rob the nation of billions, eventhough they may facilitate it by keeping silent in order to keep their plush jobs. At the end of the day, the buck stops with the MINISTER. 

THE Prime Minister must address these questions, and address it clearly, because as it stands, it could well be that Anwar Ibrahim just doesn't like Asri Hamidin's FACE.