Thursday 29 December 2022

Bad Moon Rising ?

is a song recorded 53 years ago by Creedence Clearwater Revival for the album Green River, which peaked at the very top on the US charts.

I see the bad moon a-risin'I see trouble on the wayI see earthquakes and lightnin'I see bad times today
Don't go around tonightWell it's bound to take your lifeThere's a bad moon on the rise

DO we have a perfect storm brewing , largely due to our own making, that will make the earlier bleak outlook for 2023, look like child's play ?

CONSIDER this, in Pakatan Harapan, we have a Prime Minister, and a political entity, which is able, eager and willing to appease China  READ : The ECRL one of the cornerstone of China' Belt and Road Initiative, has seen its construction business value increased by RM24 billion.

IN Tiong King Sing, we have a. minister of tourism who is pro China, which is a very good thing under normal circumstances, as Malaysia expects READ :  A million tourist from China,to visit Malaysia in 2023.

UNFORTUNATELY, we are living in unprecedented times. A time of great upheavals, unseen in our lifetime before 2020, which some believe was triggered by China. READ : Back in 2020, China locked down internally for COVID-19, but pushed foreign travel.

WE might be back to square one when it comes to Covid 19 and China, as little alarm bells appear in Europe, without glad tidings.

A mistake repeated twice is more often a calculated  decision rather than a lack of insight or data. Let's not speculate how those mainlanders managed to leave the Middle Kingdom for their holidays in 2020 and today.

WILL Malaysia, make the same mistakes we made in 2020. If so, will 2023, reset us back to 2020, or perhaps this time the China tourist Covid threat will just be a myth?

THOSE,  who live to tell this story, will have only one way to tell it, either with laughter or tell it by looking back in ANGER.