Saturday 24 December 2022

Rafizi Ramli : Pemalas

is a hip hop song from the new comers to the Malay music scene, Mdath, which has been active under a year.

BEFORE , PKR's genius boy Rafizi Ramli desires to open his mouth again to say something stupid like partially blaming struggling Malaysians for powering Inflation, the minister should get off his fat backside and do some work.

Memang dasar kau pemalas
Banyak yang bilang kau pemalas
Jadi untuk apa bertanya kenapa kau sering gagal
Karena memang kau pemalas!

YOU can start by doing the basics such as READ : Updating your ministry's Facebook page which hasn't been updated since April 2022.  

A lazy bone, like you Rafizi should not talk much. You are so lazy that you didn't even bother to check READ : Your face and name is not listed in the Jabatan Penerangan Website

RAFIZI Ramli, obviously can't even do the basics,so stuff it where it hurts the most, coz we don't give a damn if you think you are READ : An Intellectual piece of @#£_&