Monday 5 December 2022

Anwar Ibrahim must produce : Witness

is a Malay hip hop song by the Sabah based K Clique with a little help from the talented rapper Benzooloo, which was released this year.

ANWAR Ibrahim has made some damning allegations today which not only puts him at odds with Muhyiddin Yassin but also with his new MITI minister Tengku Zafrul.

Yang tidak pandai kenyang
Ada banyak lagi
Kamu semua tenang
Kau ada apa
Cuba kaki tunjuk
Kalau ada witness 

LET'S hope that the Prime Minister's allegation that there was hanky panky involved in the contracts awarded during the Covid restrictions is not solely centred on the RM35 million, that Muhyiddin Yassin had used to build a couple off Dewan's in Pagoh.

AS for Perikatan Nasional receiving money by increasing the number of special draws from 22 to the previous 8, let's hope the Prime Minister has enough evidence to not only nab his political rivals but to also put the numbers operators in the dock.

THAT being said, Anwar Ibrahim's  statement that the award of the 5G contract to Ericsson by Digital Nasional Bhd may also have elements of hanky panky goes against everything his own MITI  minister previously told us. READ :  5G: The real story by Tengku Zafrul