Monday 26 December 2022

BERNAS,siapa : Makan Cili ?

is a single from the talented Sabahan Meerfly, the guy who came up with the song most Malaysians are familiar with Malu Apa Bossku.

ANWAR Ibrahim should cut the rethorics and tell Malaysians the truth, whowill be paying the RM60 million to paddy farmers. READ : Anwar 'tegur' Syed Mokhtar, Bernas - Pesawah akan terima RM60j

Enjit semut siapa sakit naik atasSiapa makan cili dialah rasa pedasEnjit semut siapa sakit naik atasSiapa makan cili dialah rasa pedas
Nak, nak cerita sikit (sikit) tentang...

WE know that the cheque will be coming from BERNAS, but is it Syed Mokthar's money or is it coming from a pool of fund, which the Federal Government has the final say? 
THE anwser my dear readers are crystal clear when you look at the shareholding of BERNAS, where the Federal Government via Minister of Finance Incorporated has a Golden Share. READ : Kerajaan mengawal sepenuhnya bidang kuasa BERNAS ketika ini melalui golden share.

BELOW are the rights of the Golden Share Holder : 

1. A golden share is a type of share that gives its shareholder veto power over changes to the company's charter. It holds special voting rights, giving its holder the ability to block another shareholder from taking more than a ratio of ordinary shares.

2.A single Golden share controls at least 51% of voting rights.