Saturday 17 December 2022

Anwar Ibrahim : The Rich Get Richer

is a track from the American Acid Punk Rock Group known as Poison Idea.  The track is taken from their 1989 album entitled Darby Crash Rides Again.

ADEYSHAM NOR, the press secretary of Agriculture Minister Mohamad Sabu states the case on why we need imported eggs. You can find it on Malaysia Kini today and it's really a nice and educational READ : Kenapa import telur?

It has to be?Money talks, money screams,Middle class lies, Amerikan dreams,The rich get richer, the poor get poorer.

A very nice read, that doesn't tell me what I need to know. Can any good Malaysian import this eggs from India and  can they even sell it below cost for them to win market share?

BUT if they are to do this, why kill the imports after six months? Who is to say , that after six months we will not be back to square one?

WHY not allow market forces to determine if they want the eggs from India to be a permanent feature?  

ABOVE all those questions, can the Prime Minister assure us that you and me can bring in those imported eggs without an APPROVED PERMIT?

OR are we stuck with the same AP shit ?