Wednesday 28 December 2022

Parti Keadilan Rakyat : Spinning Around

is a song from Taylor Swift, who without a shadow of a doubt is the artist of the year, having taken over the entire US top ten back in November.

THERE is an old Russian saying hat the fish rots from the head. The idiom 2222222222222 that if the person in charge does a bad job, it will have negative implications for everyone working under him or her.

AM mighty worried about  what is in store for me as well as for Malaysia, as with every passing day, t am becoming less impressed with with Parti Keadilam  Malaysia.

Don't ask how, but fate decides
Don't you wonder why
You change in time
Makes you feel so empty inside

PKR,  looks like it has lost the plot for good. From the top ie the Prime Minister, 'to his cabinet underlings , PKR seems to be a politic party that talk the good talk but when in power do the opposite.

CONSIDER, the following . In March,  Anwar Ibrahim joined the growing calls for the MySejahtera mobile app to be done away with, saying there is little need for it now. 

IF this is not blatant hypocrisy, then I wouldn't know what is. Hypocrisy aside, looks like the current information minister Fahmi Fadzil is mastering the art of misinformation instead.

A couple of days ago, the information minister announced the Pakej Perpaduan prepaid mobile internet plan, priced at RM30 for every 180 days, with the boast that the internet speed will be three times faster from  the current 1Mbps to 3Mbps 

TURNS, most of the claims made by the information minister were not true nor accurate. READ ,:Fahmi Fadzil, Pakej Perpaduan doesn’t offer 3x speeds for half the price