Thursday 22 December 2022

SYABAS, Anwar Ibrahim, Perdana Menteri Malaysia: Ini Jalan Kami.

is a song from the Sabah based hip hop group B Quexx, which made a splash on the local music scene some two years ago.

SYABAS,  Anwar Ibrahim, Perdana Menteri Malaysia Yang ke sepuluh, who have taken the time to answer some of the concerns raised about the sudden surge in the ECRL rail project cost.

Ini jalan kami semua perhati semua diam membisuIni jalan kami dengar teliti kami hidangkan laguIni jalan kami kami yang tentukan jangan ada yang gangguIni jalan kami jalan kami salam bawah bayu seh
Salam dari kami budak baru belajarKalau salah tolong tunjuk ajar

THE Transport Ministry has given a detailed explanation on how it came up with the  current cost of the project. Like I said before, we may question, we may criticize, not because we wish to be high and mighty, but under all circumstances for Malaysia to be the winner.