Monday 12 December 2022

Khairy Jamaluddin : It's Over

is the sole single by a male American vocalist to top the UK Charts between 1963 to 1965. The was co written by the vocalist Roy Orbison .

ONE must wonder, when will Khairy Jamaluddin, accept the realities on the ground, that even a Green Tsunami was not able to help over come his tarnished reputation in the eyes of the public.

KHAIRY Jamaluddin , may wish to play mind games, in order to regain some lost attention. READ : Khairy keeps everyone guessing on bid for Umno presidency

NO need to guess, I will tell you here and NOW. Khairy Jamaluddin will not challenge Zahid Hamidi for the UMNO presidency , because Khairy has too many skeletons in his closet.

All the rainbows in the sky
Start to weep, then say goodbye
You won't be seeing rainbows any more
Setting suns before they fall, echo to you that's all that's all
But you'll see lonely sunset after all

NO longer a young man, Khairy Jamaluddin is now a dinosaur. Too big to be discarded, but too small to be president of UMNO or even to dream of the Prime Ministership. 

MARK my words, Khairy Jamaluddin will not stand for the UMNO presidency and when he don't, then you know that I know that we know all about KJ.

DAP and PKR has often given Khairy Jamaluddin an easy pass, unfortunately for Khairy Jamaluddin,  Zahid Hamidi does not need to give Khairy Jamaluddin a free pass nor does he need to slander him. Zahid Hamidi, only needs to speak the absolute TRUTH.