Thursday 8 December 2022

China's Covid 19 Zero Policy : We are all gonna die

is a song from the singer Olivia Gail O Brien, who shot to fame in 2016, with Gnash,  some three years before recording her debut album in 2019.

CHINA has finally aborted it's zero Covid 19 policy. READ : China's economy is in for a bumpy ride as Covid Zero comes to an end.

I find them amusing
It might be confusing to you
Who cares anyway? We're all gonna die
Yeah, we're all gonna die
Who cares anyway? We're all gonna die
We're all gonna die.

I believe the above report has missed the boat by a zillion miles because looking at the wider perspective, a China zero Covid policy can either save the world or kill us all in one fell swoop.

HOW is that so, you may ask?  Well read what Nomura Research has to say : 

It (China) may have to pay for its procrastination on embracing a ‘living with Covid’ approach,” Nomura analysts said in a note today.

Infection rates in China are only around 0.13%, “far from the level needed for herd immunity”, Nomura said.

Feng Zijian, a former official in China’s centre for disease control, told the China Youth Daily that up to 60% of China’s population could be infected in the first large-scale wave before stabilising.

“Ultimately, around 80% to 90% of people will be infected,” he said.

DO you have any ingkling what 90 per cent of 1.42 billion people is? Well it's 1.2 billion people.  Just imagine 1.2 billion people with Covid in the biggest economy this universe has seen.

You can read the NOMURA report By Clicking HERE