Monday 12 December 2022

Pakatan Harapan & Perikatan Nasional : Dumb and Dumber

debuted at number one back in 2015 in South Korea. The single is from iKon's debut album entitled Welcome Back which also debuted on top the of Korean chart.

FOR the life of me, between Pakatan Harapan and Perikatan Nasional, I cannot determine who is dumb and who is a notch dumber.

Party peopleWe about to go stupid nowLet's get dumbThen get dumber

ONE thing is certain though, they top the scales  with their showmanship. Take for instance Anwar Ibrahim, who has made a song and dance on how he will prove his majority in Parliment. READ : Anwar says confidence vote will allow him to lead effectively

ACTUALLY, the first motion in Parliament, when the house sits, will already prove if Anwar Ibrahim has the support of the majority members of  Parliament. READ : Parliament to convene on Dec 19 and 20, first order of business to elect new Speaker

ANWAR could then  challenge the opposite side to demand a motion of no confidence against him, or accept the fact that they don't have the numbers in the event his parties choice win enough votes to be speaker.

THAT opportunity though has been lost, just like how Anthony Loke 2.0 is losing the plot. YES, its true that names such as Destini Bhd and Hartasuma Bhd always seems to appear when one speaks about delays on the LRT.

BUT to say, we are first class, is stretching it way too far. considering, we keep appointing the firm which designed the LRT, for advice.

LOOKING back , Anthony Loke's little masked train ride,  won't future proof us, rather it is as hollow as Salahuddin's discovery. WHERE have Salahuddibn been all these years? 

IF you think Pakatan Harapan is doomed, there is more than a ray of hope :

Tommrow : Perikatan Nasional, I'm with Stupid.