Saturday 24 December 2022

Maszlee Malik 2.0 : Al Fatihah

is a little known song by the voice of Umi with a lot of help from the young Putri. This song has been in the market for more than 12 years or even longer.

MEET Maszlee Malik 2.0, the idealist politician who talks too much theory, until the past catches up with him, like how it does with professional Munafik's.

Tunjukilah kami jalan yang lurus
(yaitu) jalan orang-orang yang Kau kurniakan ni’mat kepada mereka,
bukan (jalan) mereka yang dimurkai
dan bukan (pula jalan) mereka yang sesat.

RAFIZI Ramli, looks like he is going to suffer the same fate as Maszlee Malik 1.0, after his statement that READ :  People should stop buying certain items to bring prices down gets shot down by economist.

LET'S forget what the economists say and remember what Rafizi Ramli told us in 2015.