Thursday 22 December 2022

My TWO questions for Anthony Loke @ : Tikus Tikus Kantor.

is a song from the Bob Dylan of the Malay archipelago, Iwan Fals, who also made it on the list of Time Magazine's Asean heros.

MY first question is why is there a need for the ECRL 3.0? Why not just continue with ECRL 2.0 and save on the interest payment plus cancellation/ suspension charges that come up to RM1.1 billion? 

Kisah usang tikus-tikus kantor
Yang suka berenang di sungai yang kotor
Kisah usang tikus-tikus berdasi
Yang suka ingkar janji lalu sembunyi
Di balik meja teman sekerja
Di dalam lemari dari baja
Kucing datang cepat ganti muka
Segera menjelma bagai tak tercela
Masa bodoh hilang harga diri
Asal tak terbukti ah tentu sikat lagi

MY second question is how is it possible when the construction cost under ECRL1.0, was RM66.78 billion, the interest during construction was RM11.09 billion, but under ECRL 2.0, when the construction cost is at RM44 billion, the interest during construction comes out at RM11.70 billion.

PERHAPS, the current minister of transport Anthony Loke had accidentally mucked up the the ECRL 1.0 cost by about RM11 billion to RM66.78 billion. READ : Najib Razak : ECRL construction cost is RM55 billion