Wednesday 7 December 2022

COVID 19 : The Man Who Sold The World

 by Nirvana was ranked by the Rolling Stones Magazine as the greatest cover live version ever recorded in the  history of mankind.

THERE is so much unclarity in the Covid 19 vaccination programme globally and even in Malaysia, that the numbers crunches can't get their stories straight.

FOR example only 65 per cent of the world population had completed two doze of vacinations, yet suddenly the virus has become less deadly, despite 2.7 billion humans who are walking around with one doze or less.

THE two reports above show a wide discrepancy, which unfortunately does not end there. Did you know that when the Government says that it spend RM5.8 billion on the vaccination programme, it means that just 67 per  cent of the money RM3.9 billion was used to purchase the vaccine and to bring it home and maintain it safely .

FOR me that is an acceptable amount.  What I find not acceptable is that the Government of the day had spend 300 per cent more money to buy or provide a token of  appreciation to volunteers than to provide the front liners with Covid Hazmat Suits.

YES folks, the healthy ministry spent RM175 million on such suits, but really rolled the red carpet out for saguhati and cendrahati for volunteers to the tune of RM327 million, while Khairy Jamaluddin's MOSTI got into the action too by dishing out RM209 million for the volunteers.

TODATE, Malaysia knows very little about the companies fortunate enough to provide these saguhati and cendrahati for a whopping RM536 million.

IF you want an easy explanation on all these purchases just CLICK HERE