Wednesday 14 December 2022

Anwar Ibrahim : Just One Of The Guys

is a song taken from the album voyager which fromer Rilo Kiley's lead singer Jenny Lewis half a decade to record.

ARE expectations too high on the Anwar Ibrahim Prime Ministership, or has the politician in Anwar Ibrahim, taken his support base for a grand ride?

BETTER the devil you know, then the angel you don't will surely come to mind for those who cheered the loudest when Anwar Ibrahim became Prime Minister because events that took shape in the past 72 hours, seems to point towards Anwar Ibrahim being just one of the guys in a long list of politicians, that are unwilling to walk their talk.

Just one of the guysThere's a little something inside that won't let meNo matter how hard I try to have an open mindThere's a little clock inside that keeps tickin'

IF you think that Saifuddin Nasution assertion that an unelected member of Parliament, will be the decision maker and not the hopes of the five million Malaysians who voted for Pakatan Harapan when it comes to wether the SOSMA act stay or goes is shocking , get ready for more.

WITH reports emerging that, READJho Low has been doing business from Taiwan, we shall soon find out if Anwar Ibrahim is just another guy like the past three Prime Minister's preceding him or is he truly something more.

WILL Malaysia finally have the rancour to demand publicly from China to hand over Jho Low, or will we continue to pretend that the billion dollar whale simply does not exist,so that a few Chinese faces in Beijing won't lose sleep