Thursday 22 December 2022

Anwar Ibrahim : I Got The Power

is the debut single from the euro dance group Snap, taken from their maiden studio album World Power which released in 1990.

HAS  Anwar Ibrahim just made himself the most powerful Prime Minister in Malaysia's history by placing the now defunct FT Ministry under the Prime Minister's Department ?  READ : Former FT ministry now a department under PM's Department, says Govt Chief Sec

Snap!", don't need the policeTo try to save them, your voice will ceaseSo peace, stay off my backOr I will attack and you don't want that
I've got the power (power, power)

WHAT many people may not realise is the FT minister is a member of the Pardons Board. READ : The Pardons Board is essentially composed of the AG, the Federal Territories minister, and three appointees.

DOES this mean now , the Prime Minister has a seat on the Pardons Board? I don't pretend to know, but in the interest of our country, the Prime Minister should clarify ASAP.